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Goal 22: Be a Mentor or Find a Mentor #30Goals

Goal 22 of The 30 Goals Challenge 2011 “The power we have through networking is humbling, frightening, and exciting. Use it well."~ Ruth Cohenson, @tearoof Goal Short-term- Find at least one teacher to mentor or find a mentor online. Long-term- Continue mentoring that teacher long-term by communicating with him/her once a week through social media. When meeting with a person one-to-one use the tools Read full article »

Considering the Curriculm: TeachMeet Newcastle Keynote

I had the incredible privilege of being the keynote at the TeachMeet in Newcastle/Gateshead yesterday. I have to thank Steve Bunce (@SteveBunce) and Simon Finch (@SimFin) for their incredible hospitality and invitation. This was my first TeachMeet and I was blown away by the incredible way that educators are working with their students. For example, I saw a presentation by Read full article »

Goal 1: Be a Beam #30Goals

Goal 1 of The 30 Goals Challenge 2011 Goal Short-term- Offer a student or other educator you see struggling support. It could be a colleague who is stressed or a student struggling with another subject. Who in your life needs your support? Long-term- In what ways can we help students learn to support each other throughout the learning process? How can we build Read full article »

Children and Cardboard Boxes

In addition to this blog I have been posting a few times at the Cooperative Catalyst blog, which is a fantastic forum to read various opinions on how we can transform education. The educators have vast experience and pour their hearts out in every post. This post I originally posted on the Cooperative Catalyst blog and wanted to share with Read full article »

Challenging Myself In So Many Ways by Deven Black

Part of the series: The 30 Goals Challenge The first time I read through Shelly’s list of thirty challenges I was ticking off the ones I’d already accomplished. Great. Then I took another swing through and looked at the ones I’ve yet to accomplish. That list looked familiar. And large. And scary. And then I volunteered to write this guest post. I thought that, at least, Read full article »

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