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Creative Commons High Resolution Images on Flickr

Part of the new Presentation tips series Since 1994 I have been presenting frequently in competitions, conferences, webinars, and virtual conferences. By the end of this year, I will have created over 50 presentations on PowerPoint and Prezi. I have learned a lot of short cuts and have found some great resources that may be of value for your presentations. I Read full article »

Goal: Start an Adventure

Part of the Goals 2010 Challenge Series, Goal 3 One of my long-term goals is to create new adventures for myself! For the past six months, I have been through some amazing journeys and met some amazing people, because I said yes and participated! These include traveling to Paris, Berlin, and Poland for conferences and meeting my Personal Learning Network (PLN) Read full article »

Cool Sites: PicApps, DocVerse, Sketchcast…

I found several cool educational tools from Ziipa! My goal is to post this weekly series regularly on Saturdays so you can test these tools out. However, you can get access to these fantastic websites as soon as I find them by connecting with me on Google reader! PicApp Images I found the picture above on PicApp, which allows any blogger Read full article »

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