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The 2nd Issue of the Teacher Reboot Camp eNewsletter

Here is the 2nd issue of the new Teacher Reboot Camp eNewsletter. In this issue find free apps, web tools, resources, lesson ideas, professional development opportunities, and more.  Be inspired by the latest Edugems, discover a few of the top posts at Teacher Reboot Camp, and keep posted about The 30 Goals Challenge for Educators and the Reform Symposium Free E-Conference. You can subscribe for free at https://tinyletter.com/shellyterrell. Read full article »

Send Them on Learning Missions

Included in the Digital Tips Advent Calendar and part of the Effective Technology Integration category “If you think of learning as a path, you can picture yourself walking beside her rather than either pushing or dragging or carrying her along.” ~ Polly Berrien Berends We are born curious. Observe toddlers playing and you will notice their eyes questioning the objects around them. Through Read full article »

Motivating Students to Learn During Breaks: 20+ Tips & Resources

Many believe that learning occurs incidentally. Children will naturally learn by interacting with the world around them even if educators are not in the picture. Sometimes, that is true but I have found that as a facilitator and guide I can help motivate my students to learn in more challenging ways. Let's face it, many of our students will be Read full article »

ELearning on YouTube by Kimberly Bowen

Turn YouTube into your interactive classroom, complete with message feeds. These days, you can find a plethora of movies on YouTube ranging from clips of television shows to your brother-in-law’s home video of snowboarding over a vehicle. While a lot of the videos on YouTube are silly, there are also many that are motivational, promotional or instructional. More and more, teachers Read full article »

5 Reasons Schools Should Switch To Online Tests by Shankar Ganesh

Part of the series: Cool Sites by Guest Author, Shankar Ganesh Make no mistake – there’s an evolution happening in education right now. Schools are increasingly embracing technology to enhance learning in their classrooms. Still though, a few processes, like examinations, for example, are done in the traditional way. It’s time schools get rid of the plain old pen-and-paper way of Read full article »

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