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Cooperative Learning: Effective Team Work! 20+ Resources

Part of the Cool Sites series Every Friday I am presenting free webinars thanks to American TESOL! We have an incredible time. Recently, we discussed the benefits of cooperative learning. Through cooperative learning students learn effective team work through: Accountability– students realize the contribution of each individual will determine the success of the task. Team building– students learn how to listen to Read full article »

Art, Creativity, & Kids: 20+ Resources

Part of the Cool Sites series Many schools have cut out the Arts from the curriculum due to budget cuts and the emphasis on raising standardized test scores. Art is important in our lives. Many students express themselves through art. In my personal experience I have seen how painting community murals, creating music, choreographing a dance, designing a stage set, taking Read full article »

Educators as Collaborators: 25+ Resources

Part of the Cool Sites series Collaboration is the real step to education transformation. When we gather to produce, our ideas, talents, and skills embody our final outcome. Each person who participates has the ability to add full attention to the designated task versus one person spread thin over several tasks. Collaboration is also important for students who will have to Read full article »

Will You Wave? 25 Google Wave Resources

Part of the Cool Sites series On Tuesday, May 18th, Google announced that Google Wave is now available for everyone! Now you may have tried Google Wave in the beginning and felt it was not your cup of tea. Initially, Google Wave did have some annoying problems. However, like most technology, it has improved with time. Google Wave uploads faster, notifies Read full article »

What Did They Tweet?

New Year's Eve edition of the What Did They Tweet weekly series! 2010 is around the corner! Through my PLN on Twitter, I have found some fantastic tips, tricks, and projects. If you are viewing this from an RSS reader, you may want to check the homepage to see the embedded videos and frames. Be the Hit of Your New Year's Eve Read full article »

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