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Fostering Meaningful Peer Collaboration with Digital Tools

It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed. —Napoleon Hill We believe in students learning from and with each other, but effective collaboration rarely takes place in most schools. Students rarely want to share their work and have peers critique it. They don't tend to get excited about peer editing or group work. Outside Read full article »

Filling the Gap by Joel Josephson

by Guest Author, Joel Josephson   As educators we are more than constantly frustrated by the interference of academics (with little or no experience of the teaching of children), politicians and administrators with little or no direct pedagogic experience in the education process. Their solution to raising educational standards, almost globally, is to test children as a way to weed out bad teachers, Read full article »

Tips for Connecting with Young Learners by Dave Dodgson

Dave Dodgson who is currently based in Turkey shares this post with great tips.... Tips for Connecting with Young Learners I never planned to teach kids. I was trained to teach English to adults and never pictured myself working in a ‘school’ setting with students who only came up to my waist. And yet, here I am now in my 9th year Read full article »

Happy New Year! Thank You!

Happy New Year! Thank you my friends for being part of my personal learning journey in 2010. I have enjoyed tweeting with you, your comments, visiting you at conferences or events, seeing you in webinars, responding to your blog posts, and collaborating on education transformation. You have helped me reflect and I feel like many of you are family or lifelong Read full article »

Help the Saltash School

For the most part, I keep this blog ad free. I often get requests to advertise on this blog, but prefer to be able to showcase projects I believe in because I think they are doing great things. If I back anything on my blog, I want you to know it is for a great cause or the product/service is Read full article »

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