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Someone Once Told Me by Mallory Fundora

Guest Post: Someone Once Told Me by Mallory Fundora Mallory Fundora, was one of the youngest keynotes at the Reform Symposium E-Conference this past weekend. She is the 13 year old founder of Project Yesu, an organization that focuses on orphan/vulnerable children and women in Uganda. Through Project Yesu, Mallory is providing food, medicine and education to children in Uganda. Below is Read full article »

Idea Makers, Creators, and Nurturers

"An idea, like a ghost, must be spoken to a little before it will explain itself." - Charles Dickens My bestfriend touched my heart with a beautiful experience she shared with me. It’s her son’s birthday. She told me how many people don’t realize that for her it’s a sentimental time because it takes her back to when she carried him in Read full article »

Surviving the 1st Month of School: 10+ Tips & Resources

I have been teaching since 1994 in Texas, Germany, Greece, and many other places worldwide. This means I've often met new learners of various ages (from 2 to 80 years-old) in various classroom settings and situations. I don't think I will ever get comfortable with meeting new learners, because each year my learners come with new challenges and personalities. About Read full article »

Advice to the Class of 2013: Guest Post by @SeanHCole

by Guest Author, Sean H. Cole Advice to the Class of 2013 As you finish your school career and embark in the next phase of your life, I thought I'd share some advice with you. You don't have to lead a conventional life. You don't need a conventional relationship, or a conventional job, or a conventional family, or conventional values. Too many people Read full article »

Nudges We Create & Watch Breathe New Life

"We get to make things. Things that make the world nudge a little bit in what we hope is the right direction." Wilson Miner, Webstock 2012 I've been thinking a lot about our ability to create and the impact of what we leave behind when we no longer exist. As an educator,  speaker, writer, human being I plant daily. I plant Read full article »

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