Social Media: Which Tools?

Recently, in our morning #Edchat discussion, we discussed how to prevent social media burn-out. Those who participated in the discussion offered several tips on time management and skills to teach students involving social media. Click on the mindmapping link to view some of my favorite tweets from the discussion. You can make this mindmap smaller or larger and move it around.

Which Social Media Tools Should we Use?

During the discussion we also discussed which social media tools to use with students and to recommend to teachers for developing their Personal Learning Network (PLN). Click on the mindmapping link to add to your favorite tools to the list and include a helpful link that describes best practices with that social media tool.

Special thanks to the educators who participated in the discussion and were featured in this post! Add them to your PLN by using Russel Tarr‘s mass Twitter tool. Just copy and paste this list!

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Click on the link to find out how you can be part of the #Edchat movement, a collaboration between Tom Whitby, Steven Anderson, and me (ShellTerrell).


Make additions to the Mindmap! You may need to send me your e-mail address.

Has a social media tool improved your students’ lives in some way? Please contact me to do a guest piece!

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#Edchat Update: Using Tweetdeck for Hashtag Discussions

Over 2000 educators have participated in the #Edchat Tuesday discussions! Last week was momentous, as several educators and parents gathered to converse with special guest Alfie Kohn. Edchat became the 5th Twitter trending topic!

Keeping up with several people in a Twitter conversation can be difficult. Tweetgrid is one way to keep up with the discussion as explained thoroughly by Mary Beth Hertz’s post. However, Tweetdeck has some nice features as well for keeping up with hashtag discussions as I describe in this brief Screenr video tutorial.

Edchat Updates

In a previous #edchat post I mentioned some useful posts and links. I am additionally adding these blog posts, links, and tips to help you explore the edchat topics further and extend the conversation:


Join us in an #edchat discussion every Tuesday around 12pm EST and 7pm EST and leave a few comments on some of these posts!

Do you have a post about #edchat or want to share how #edchat has impacted you as an educator? Please contact me to share this with us!

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What Did They Tweet? 8/23-8/31

Do you like the new look?

The What Did They Tweet? series has gotten a new look thanks to Mind42 a tweet by my very dear friend, Ozge! If this is your first visit, then I invite you to check out the rest of this weekly series, What Did They Tweet?, in which I post some of my favorite tweets, which either are thought-provoking or provide useful educational technology links. Click on the mindmapping link and add these individuals to your Personal Learning Network (PLN). On the mindmap, click on the earth icons to follow the links to their Twitter profiles, blogs or websites, and the useful links they provided! You can also make this mindmap smaller or larger and move it around. If you enjoy this series, you may want to subscribe to receive regular updates!

#Edchat Guest: Alfie Kohn

Perhaps, you were fortunate enough to be part of the momentous occasion when #edchat became the top 5 trending topic on Twitter. I call this momentous, because rarely does an educational related hashtag become a trending topic. This occasion would not be possible if Alfie Kohn had not been fantastic enough to agree to be our #edchat guest! These are a four of the thought-provoking tweets that I had to reflect upon later.

Click on the link to find out how you can be part of the #Edchat movement, a collaboration between Tom Whitby, Steven Anderson, and me (ShellTerrell).


Animoto, one of my favorite video making tools for students, just got better. As Steven Anderson points out you can now add video to Animoto. Moreover, Animoto is free for educators. Unfortunately, I already paid for the service before realizing this fact. Read Jerry Swiatek‘s blog post to see how he used Animoto with his students for them to introduce themselves.


Added to my list of thought-provoking tweets is the TakeApart website, provided by Tom Barrett. The website is a very useful tool for teaching socially and culturally responsive curriculum. Students need to be aware of the issues impacting the world. Too many times, students live in a microcosm. In order for students to begin to collaborate and problem solve global issues, we must make them aware. TakeApart offers multimedia, such as images and audio to move students emotionally.

Stephen Ransom points out his student’s observation about the teachers not knowing how to use Smartboards. Unfortunately, I have seen this topic too often in my Master’s discussion forums. Several school districts still fail to train teachers on how to integrate technology effectively into the curriculum.

I love the quote Teri Wilkins retweeted from one of my favorite bloggers, Webstudio 13. We should motivate our students daily. Motivation is what will ignite our students into action. Passionate teachers often breed passionate and active students. Part of being a passionate teacher is motivating your students to react to issues in the world, have incredible dreams, and to reach their goals.

Have you missed my previous favorite tweets of the week? Just click here for the posts!

If you enjoyed this post, you may also want to check out these posts with a more extensive list of favorite tweets:


Use Animoto or TakeApart to inspire your students.

Would you like to recommend a favorite tweet for next week? Please contact me to share your favorite Tweet! Please mark the tweet as a favorite so that I can find the tweet!

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#Edchat: Join the Conversation

Over 1000 educators have participated in #edchat discussions. Will you collaborate with us to create educational change?

Although relatively new, #edchat has become an incredible collaborative tool for educators to debate and evaluate solutions to various problems through Twitter. Over 1000 educators and administrators have contributed to the #edchat discussions from various countries around the world. In what other forum would this be possible?

Watch the video and see what #edchat is about:

Details, Details…

Some confusion remains regarding #edchat, therefore here are some helpful tips, links, and recommendations:

  • When does #edchat take place? Tuesday is a common Twitter day for teachers made popular by the #teachertuesday hashtag created by Aniya, @TheEngTeacher. To accommodate teachers in various time zones we have two edchat discussions which take place usually around 12pm NYT (EST) and 7pm NYT (EST).
  • How is #edchat different from #teachertuesday?#Edchat is the official discussion forum of #teachertuesday. However, each hashtag serves a different purpose. Here are some guidelines:
    • You should use #TeacherTuesday to recommend educators to follow, educational blogs, and links. Please visit this post to find out more information about #TeacherTuesday.
    • You should use #edchat for discussions between educators on thought-provoking topics. There are designated times for the larger discussions, but if you are already engaged in a lively discussion with 2 or more educators on a topic that would benefit educators, then feel free to use the hashtag.
  • What is a hashtag? Check out this video to discover what a hashtag is and how to use a hashtag. Every Tuesday, at the designated time, you only need to add “#edchat” to the end of your tweet to participate in the discussion!
  • How are Topics Chosen? Every Sunday, Tom Whitby, Steven Anderson, and I (ShellTerrell) create a twtpoll of 5 topics to choose from for Tuesday’s discussion. Just follow one of us or the #edchat tag so you do not miss your opportunity to vote on a topic. You may also propose topics to any of us by sending us a Tweet or DM!
  • For more information on #edchat you may want to look at my previous post, What is #Edchat?

Posts Associated with #Edchat

The following bloggers have fantastic posts, which explain more details about #Edchat topics, organization, problems, and more:

More #Edchat Mentions

The bloggers listed above have greatly contributed to the organization and flow of #edchat. Additional educators who continue to keep #edchat discussions thought-provoking and organized include:

  • Tom Whitby- His continual behind-the-scenes collaboration and proposing of topics keeps #edchat discussions thriving as does his guidance in the discussions.
  • Steven Anderson- A behind-the-scenes collaborator who proposes topics, creates polls, and guides the discussions.
  • Jerry Swiatek- Continually archives #edchat discussions with The Archivist software.
  • Ruth Cohenson- Provided the fantastic quote for the #edchat video.
  • ALL EDUCATORS who have participated in the discussions, voted for topics, or retweeted #edchat news!!!!

Other Educational Hashtag Discussions

Before #Edchat were other educational synchronous Twitter discussions, visits these posts for details:

  • #Lrnchat, which takes place Thursday night 8:30-10pm EST / 5:30-7pm PST
  • In March through May, was #educhat and #journchat here’s a great wiki to help you plan synchronous Twitter discussions!


Join us in an #edchat discussion this Tuesday!

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What is #Edchat?

Daily I engage in thought provoking discussions on Twitter! I have had anywhere from 2 to 6 Twitter participants engaging in these conversations adding observations, advice, debates, anecdotes, and links. However, Tom Whitby brought to my attention that new people to Twitter and others may not be able to follow the discussions. Therefore, we created the hashtag #edchat for all educators to post their thought-provoking conversations throughout the day. Knowing about the great work Steven Anderson (@web20classroom) does online and offline, we had him join the team!

General Information

  • Who can participate? Anyone who has an education related topic they want to explore.
  • When can you participate? Unlike some educational meetings this hashtag does not have a set meeting time. If you find yourself in a Twitter discussion with another person just add the hashtag #edchat to the end of your tweets. This way when others join they know what points have already been made.
  • What should you contribute? You can contribute thoughts, links, questions, ideas, anecdotes, and arguments.
  • What should you avoid? Please do not add a link to your own website if this does not relate to the topic. If your website is related, then feel free to do so. Please, do not leave spam.

How Do I Keep Up with #edchat

You can easily keep updated with #edchat topics by doing any of the following:

  • Setting up a column in your Twitter browser for the search #edchat.
  • Subscribing to the feed through your RSS reader by clicking here.
  • Clicking on this link to view the updates on a website.
  • Clicking on the hashtag of any tweet that has “#edchat.”

You choose which way this works for you!

Ways to Use #edchat

The #edchat hashtag is useful in several ways. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Develop your Personal Learning Network (PLN) by engaging in conversations with other educators.
  • Gather research for an article, blog, or presentation.
  • Collaborate with others in solving an issue at your school.
  • Exchange ideas to improve an upcoming lesson plan.
  • Receive constructive criticism on a lesson plan, presentation, or idea.
  • Share tips and advice for educational endeavors, such as holding a parent education workshop.
  • Show new teachers to Twitter how useful Twitter is for having thought-provoking conversations.
  • Scan the discussion topics to decide which topics educators are interested in for your blog.
  • Poll educators to gather research for your blog post or articles.


Join us in an #edchat discussion today!

What educational topics would you like to explore? Please contact me to share these ideas with us!

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