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I am blessed to have presented to over 1000s of teachers worldwide in over 100 countries online and face to face. Many of these teachers participate in the various highly acclaimed and award winning e-conferences and online professional development opportunities I help organize and have founded, which include EdchatELTChatThe Reform Symposium E-Conference and the ELTON nominated Virtual Round Table language and technology conference. My projects and prolific presence in the educator community through social media have been recognized by several notable entities, such as The New York Times, UNESCO Bangkok, Edweek, Converge Magazine, the United Federation of Teachers, the 140 Conference, Mashable, English Central,, the ELTons, the Edublog Awards and T/H/E JOURNAL. In 2013 find my book, The 30 Goals Challenge for Educators published by Eye on Education. The 30 Goals project is a unique professional development project in which over 7000 educators worldwide have participated in to help them develop Personal/Passionate Learning Networks and accomplish social media and teaching goals. In addition to my CELTA, I hold an Honours BA in English and a minor in Communication with a specialization in Electronic Media from the University of Texas in San Antonio and an Honours MA in Curriculum Instruction ESL from the University of Phoenix. I am available for conferences, workshops, plenaries, and consulting. Your organization can reach me at ShellyTerrell at to discuss arrangements. Here is a current listing of the various topics I present on and also my slide presentations, recorded webinars, interviews, write-ups, and more. Click the various tabs to learn about the collaborative education projects I have created and see my presentations!

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