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“As soon as I saw you, I knew an adventure was going to happen.” – Winnie The Pooh

This week I am in beautiful Atlanta, Georgia, presenting at the GAETC conference. It is one of the most organized and interesting conferences I’ve been to and they’ve had some incredible presenters/keynotes.

I had six sessions which you can read about here, Here are the resources for the Moving with Mobile Devices session in case you missed it. At GAETC, I tried collaborative note-taking with the 400 audience. We all took notes on one Google Doc. Scary, I know! However, it ended up being a great experience and many helped create notes and stories. Check out the document here, Thank you to @debra_robinson, Mary Bliss, Tina A., Kris @krismuir21, Joshua Bingham @jbingha1, Noel @mrsmainland, JJ taylor, @gena_jeselnik, @mrsmainland, @NikkiDRobertson, Shawn, @cmslibrarylady, @tiffssister, Kellie K., Faith, Shelly, @TechTeacherBerg, Susan T, Amanda Korell, and others who helped with the collaborative note-taking experience.

The Slides

Download the slides here.

Recommended Apps for Teachers

Just click on any of these iPad, iPod, iPhone apps! They should all be free!

Just click on any of these Android apps! They should all be free!

Activities from the Session

QR Code Joke Jigsaw
Instructions- Find a person who has the punchline or joke to your qr code. Make sure to introduce yourself.Make QR codes different colors so students can find their counterpart. Ex: Gray and black or red and black.

I Spy with Geometry Shapes, Parts of Speech, From the Textbook
Instructions- Take a picture of an object around you that represents one of the shapes here, ttp://
Using the Pic Collage app, add the following text- “What shape does this represent? What is the object? Please post your image here,

App Mingle
Instructions- Share your favorite apps with a colleague. Explain what they do and if they are multi-platform.

More Recommended Apps from the Session

Sorry these are not linked:

Pic Collage
Comics Head
Frame Artist
Google Drive
Google HangOuts
Buncee Bits
Near pod
Google earth
Padlet (web app)
Story kit app
Splash Math


Use one of these resources or ideas and share with me how the experience went with your learners.

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