Sharing Stories: Motivating Language Learners with Mobile Devices #TESOLFr

This past week, I had the incredible opportunity to spend my birthday in Paris with friends worldwide at the TESOL France conference. Thank you for spending one of the best birthdays of my life with me! In a later post, I will share more about my reflections of the sessions and events I attended. I would love to thank the incredible TESOL France team and the wonder woman, Bethany Cagnol, for their dedication and hard work in organizing this wonderful conference. Below are my session resources for those who were not able to attend or grab the names of all the apps. Included are the slides for you to download and my free ebook, Effective Mobile Learning: 50+ Quick Tips & Resources with helpful tips and several resources to help support educators on their journey using mobile devices for learning and teaching. Feel free to copy the e-bok, pass it around, use it with your staff, and send it to anyone. You can download the PDF by clicking on the download icon which is the 3rd icon at the bottom of the ebook. It is in HTML5 so you should also be able to access this on your mobile device.

Moreover, I’m including a link to the poem I read at the open mic, A Brown Cinderella, and a video of me reading the poem. Thanks to Deniz Atesok, @denizatesok, for posting all the videos of the open mic! You can watch all of them here and trust me the talent displayed will blow your mind! I am including the video of Matt Ledding’s incredible juggling act.

Important links:

Matt Leddings Juggling Act

Brown Cinderella Reading


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Shelly Terrell

Shelly Sanchez Terrell is a teacher trainer, author, and international speaker. She is the host of American TESOL’s Free Friday Webinars and the Social Media Community Manager for The Consultants-E. She has co-founded and organized the acclaimed educational projects, Edchat, ELTChat, The Reform Symposium E-Conference and the ELTON nominated Virtual Round Table language and technology conference. Her prolific presence in the educator community through social media has been recognized by several notable entities, such as The New York Times, UNESCO Bangkok, Edweek, Converge Magazine, the United Federation of Teachers, the 140 Conference, Mashable, English Central,, and T/H/E JOURNAL. Her education blog, Teacher Reboot Camp, is ranked as one of the top 10 language teaching and technology blogs and the 50 best blogs for education leaders. In 2012 find her book, The 30 Goals Challenge for Educators published by Eye on Education and participate with over 7000 educators worldwide in this online professional development course that helps educators develop Personal Learning Networks and accomplish social media and teaching goals. Find her on Twitter, @ShellTerrell. Shelly has taught English language learners at various levels since 1998 in the US, Greece, and in Germany. She currently presents and hosts workshops on integrating technology effectively with young learners and adults. Shelly holds an Honours BA in English and a minor in Communication with a specialization in Electronic Media from the University of Texas in San Antonio and an Honours MA in Curriculum Instruction ESL from the University of Phoenix.

3 thoughts on “Sharing Stories: Motivating Language Learners with Mobile Devices #TESOLFr

  1. Shelly, it was wonderful to be with you on your birthday. We are so lucky to have passionate teachers like yourself come to our conferences. The geographical distance between all of us may be wide, but we grew closer over the course of those three special days. On behalf of the TESOL France Team, we look forward to your feedback and we very much look forward to seeing you again soon.

    With great appreciation,

  2. Hi Shelly,
    Thank you so much for this wonderful ebook. All I can say is, WOW, what an amazing resource. And the fact that you are giving all this useful info away free is just awesome. I have just been reading it and it has given me loads of ideas to enrich the learning experience for students. Thank you so much.

    Kind regards,
    Jon Sumner

  3. Shelly, it was great to see you on your birthday and hear your poetry… it is amazing the amount of Talent in the ELT world. Really like the idea of integrating mobiles into learning centers. I remember in Grade 6 how much I learned through the learning centers we had, and how it was great to go at my own speed, and make choices.

    On to other stuff… any chance you are coming to TESOL Spain? We are moving soon, and might have a bit more space for visitors to Madrid as well if you fancy a visit, (and a newborn baby around!)

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