You may have heard about the excitement of a Pecha Kucha event. I had the privilege of attending a live one this past Saturday in Paris at a TESOL conference! I recorded all the presentations on my Youtube Channel. Watch Pecha Kucha presentations by Burcu Akyol, Ken Wilson, Lindsay Clandfield, Gavin Dudeney, Jamie Keddie, and Penny Ur. I laughed and learned so much simultaneously. Pecha Kucha has given breath to conferences that bore you with typical PowerPoint presentations!

What is a Pecha Kucha?

A presentation technique invented in Japan by architects Klein and Dytham. About 14 presenters or less deliver back to back PowerPoint presentations that must total 20 slides auto-advancing every 20 seconds. The PowerPoint presentation is only 6 minutes and 40 seconds so the content is highly visual and meaningful. For this reason, these events are gaining popularity at several conferences and have now entered the education conference scene! Watch Heike Philp‘s Pecha Kucha about a Pecha Kucha to find out more!


You’re Invited!

Do not miss the opportunity to attend the online Pecha Kucha event this Friday within a web conferencing platform! You will see at least 5 presentations back to back from Burcu Akyol, Sean Banville, Neil Chambers, Marisa Constantinides, and me. I will also be moderating the event and I can guarantee you will have an incredible experience. Topics include Twitter, teaching adults English, preventing Twitter Spam, using the the news as a learning tool, and tips to teaching children.


Fri 13 November 2009, 9:30pm GMT

Paris 10:30pm, Dubai 1:30am (Sat), Tokyo 6:30am (Sat), Sydney 8:30am (Sat), Los Angeles 1:30pm (Fri), New York 4:30pm (Fri)

For more information visit this website,

Hope to see you there!

If you like this post, you may want to check out Burcu Akyol’s recap on the TESOL Paris conference!


Attend one of the FREE Virtual Conference events on Thursday or Friday!

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2 Comments Already

  1. David says:

    Shelly, after watching that video on your site, I have heard of this before, I just didn’t remember the term.

    Anyway, very intriguing stuff and I can see a huge use for this at educational conferences, especially those that like to show off “cool” stuff (Web 2.0 maybe).

    It’s basically speed dating but instead of people are presentations or Web 2.0 tools (if you follow along w/ my thought above).

    Great video, I re-blogged on it, or as I like to put it RB @shellyterrell Of course, it would be nice if I had a button that could do all of that for me ;-)

  2. Essays says:

    Quite informative article. Gives new thoughts to focus. Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for the opportunity to write a post. I was very excited as I read about your proposed ideal. Hope that some of your readers will decide to take on the challenge as well.


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