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Have you wanted to attend the several Second Life teacher events but were too afraid you would do something embarrassing? Two years ago I set up my Second Life account hoping to explore the world and discover its use for my students. Unfortunately, my computer could not handle the program. Recently, I tried giving Second Life another chance after seeing several educators on my TwitterStream using the program to attend teacher workshops, discussions, and conferences. A great friend on Twitter helped me navigate and find free clothing shops. You can see my new look below! We had such a wonderful experience that we decided to have a field trip this Saturday, 5 p.m. German time. If you are new to Second Life and would like to attend please send your Second Life name to my Twitter account, @shellterrell.

Shelly's SecondLife Image

The Agenda

One of the most difficult problems is learning how to navigate and interact with objects. Also several teachers have reported having wardrobe malfunctions and not having a proper look for teacher events. Therefore, we will accomplish the following on this adventure:

  • We will go shopping at free Second Life stores.
  • Learn how to change and store outfits for different events.
  • Learn of different landmarks to meet educators.
  • Learn to interact with objects.

Your boot camp challenge for this week:

Join us on our Second Life field trip.

Which Second Life tips do you have to share? Please, contact me and share this with our readers!